Understandably, people are worried about leaving their homes to buy groceries or take a walk, let alone travel and stay in hotels. But with the relaxation of confinement bans, many people are eager to escape.

Moreover, after the coronavirus pandemic caused unprecedented spring parking in the world, millions of hotel rooms were vacant, and the hotel industry is doing its utmost to win the trust of the public and rebuild business.

Of course, hotel cleaning procedures are at the top of the list and are very obvious. The restaurant operator hopes that guests will see their efforts and feel confident, and promises to carry out in-depth cleaning, strengthen cleaning and retrain the staff on correct cleaning techniques, even including disinfection of key cards.

But some people have added secondary super-cleaning to their daily cleaning work.

Troutbeck is a 250-acre historic retreat located in the Hudson Valley in New York. It was put into use immediately during the shutdown and upgraded all the resort’s HVAC systems to a new HEPA filter system, which includes ultraviolet lights. Prevent the growth of bacteria.

Anthony Champalimaud, owner of Troutbeck, said: "This is a medical-grade system with a kill rate of about 97% of viruses and bacteria in the air." He added: "It's also very good at eliminating odors, which is always good. "

In addition to implementing the new agreement and increasing personnel training, the system has also been modified.

Champalimaud said: "We have made strict adjustments." He added: "In the past, our managers have been trained by ServSafe, but now all restaurant and bar staff have been trained."

Ultraviolet disinfection, contact tracking: high-tech cruise ships can be used to fight the spread of coronavirus

Many hotels are adding electrostatic disinfection sprayers to achieve 360-degree surface coverage. In addition, because the particles in the spray are positively charged, the cleaning solution will adhere to the surface, suffocating and destroying bacteria. 

"In addition to following all industry agreements and standards, we have introduced many enhanced cleaning and disinfection measures to ensure a safe environment for our employees and guests," said John Lombardo, general manager of the privately owned Saybrook Point Resort. & Old Saybrook Pier in Connecticut. "We are using electrostatic sprayer technology, which has been adopted by some of the world's largest hotel chains and airlines to use disinfectants. It can help products surround and cling to the surface in a way that traditional cleaning measures cannot."

Saybrook Point Resort uses Victory Sprayers equipment. The website's website promises: "An eco-friendly disinfection method that can reduce chemicals by up to 65% per square foot," which is very important for owners of beach resorts.

Some New England properties in the Ocean House Management Collection will add Molekule plug-in virus isolators that use nanotechnology to destroy contaminants including mold, viruses and bacteria.

"The Molekule equipment provides additional protection for our employees and guests," said Daniel Hostettler, president and group managing director. He said: "We will use Molekule equipment in all 49 rooms and 20 special suites in Ocean House and in all 31 rooms and 4 special suites in Weekapaug Inn," he said. Add them before opening in June.

In Texas, the Westin Houston Medical Center immediately took action in March, adding two anti-virus robots.

The LightStrike Germ-Zapping robot manufactured by the hospital's Xenex Disinfection Services is used in hospitals and costs $100,000 per minute. It can emit a broad spectrum of ultraviolet light to eliminate viruses and bacteria in minutes. They cannot replace the hotel’s regular cleaning services: they subsequently enter and provide a second explosion of super sterilization without increasing chemical hazards.

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Archit Sanghvi, vice president of operations at Pearl Hospitality, said: "On one level, we provided deep cleaning for all things and increased the frequency of cleaning public areas, but we added two robots to further improve our daily work." Operations The Westin franchise.

Direct exposure to general ultraviolet rays can be dangerous to human tissues. Therefore, after installation, the robot will work alone, overnight in public places and overnight in each guest room after checkout.

Sanghvi added: "This is an expensive investment, but we know we have made the right decision because unfortunately this will become the norm."

But are these cleaning measures actually effective against coronavirus?
Federal health officials have prepared a series of guidelines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a list of best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The EPA's 300 cleaning products are human, but are safe against SARS coronavirus type 2 viruses.

But, in reality, "This is the virgin place for everyone," said Brad Rush, the owner of Atlanta Jan-Pro, whose employees clean various buildings from offices to fitness centers, schools and shops .

Tested products do not guarantee the disappearance of coronaviruses, but they can "help reduce their chances of spreading, especially from surfaces that people often come into contact with," Ogbonaya, a public health expert and assistant professor at Butler University Ogbonnaya Omenka added.


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